A reading is a simple way to get answers to your questions. A reading is not a prediction for your future, but a means in the here and now to help you on your way in the right direction. It’s up to your Angels what they want to let you know. Online readings are also possible.


When you are looking for answers to life questions; questions concerning you and your life path. A cardreading is certainly not a prediction for the future. Even when an expected outcome is given, its still you who determines your future by your actions. Several layouts are possible depending on your question. I use multiple sets for each reading (except for small 3 card readings). For a standard reading I use 9 cards. You can also request a reading for a specific complex situation or a week- month- or year reading.

Length through Skype or Facetime about 30 minutes.


When you want to get personal messages from your guardian Angels. During this reading we’ll be talking to eachother and then the answers will come: what do your Angels want you to know and/or what is their answer to your question(s)?

Only through Skype or FaceTime. Length about 30 minutes.