Angel Inspiration Privacy policy

Angel Inspiration has an SSL secured site; this means a secure connection to protect your (contact) information. This is in line with the recent custom Dutch legislation.
Angel Inspiration doesn’t share your information with any third party from the point of view of privacy and confidentiality.

All information arising out of the services provided are kept privat, unless it appears that you as a client are possible at risk by self-injury or injuring others. In that case, we will contact the designated (aid) agencies.

Angel Inspiration will never rent, sell or otherwise trade your personal information. You can sign yourself out, after signing in to the newsletter at any time through the link in the newsletter.

Comments and references on the Facebook page and/or website of Angel Inspiration are welcome. When references are received through e-mail without specific consent for placement, they will not be published. Written consent of the client will be asked.

Questions for cardreadings must come with integrity and should relate to you and/or those who affect your life path. There are no questions answered when they obstruct the privacy or free will of another individual: for example, you cannot ask if your colleague is having an extramarital relationship, or ask if your sister in law is pregnant since that is private information for someone else.

All information relating to each service (group, phone or in person) must only be used as a personal memory for the client itself. Other use is strictly prohibited without written consent  from Angel Inspiration and any other attendees or those involved. Recordings of cardreadings, workshops, lectures and other (group)events may not be registered without the prior written consent of Angel Inspiration and all other participants in the group, lecture etc.

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