To anyone under 18 years of age without the consent of a parent or legal guardian is no services provided. As a visitor to the Facebook page or website of Angel Inspiration and/or client of the services you agree to the following: you are 18 years or older and also legally able to decide. If you are 18 years or older, but by circumstances not legally able to decide, then a written agreement of your legal guardian and/or curator is required before you use our services.

Any questions in advance to a service to be provided to you at must at all times be truthfully answered. These questions are only asked to adequately assess your situation and/or to determine if you are in the right place at Angel Inspiration. Please be aware that our future is not certain, but dynamic. Our future may at any time change, based on what you decide.

Expected outcomes of a card reading are not leading, but only give a forecast based on the present; when you change your behaviors this will also change your future. You are and shall remain responsible for your own actions towards your future!


Angel Inspiration has the right to refuse service. Services running under false pretenses be liable to be declared invalid. The practitioner may at any time terminate the service provided, but will only do so if this serves the interests of both parties.  When services are provided, there can be no refunds. In case of cancellation of the client for an appointment (consultation, workshop, party, lecture etc) it should be at least 24 hours in advance. A new appointment can then be made. If the client does not have the term of 24 hours at foreclosure, 50% of the cost for the appointment (consultation, workshop, party, lecture etc) will be charged. Exceptions to this are only possible after consultation and in agreement with Angel Inspiration. In case of a on personal workshop on location that has to be canceled within 24 hours, the full actual costs for evt. room rental and lunch are also passed on. In case of unavailability of Angel Inspiration you will be contacted by telephone (Netherlands) or email/messenger (other countries)  as soon as possible. A new appointment can then be made. No refund of money. However, the assignment, although at a different moment in time, will still be carried out as soon as possible after a new appointment. Exception to this is only possible after consultation and in agreement with Angel Inspiration. The rates indicated on the website of Angel Inspiration are leading.


The information on the Facebook page and website are copyrighted by Angel Inspiration, unless otherwise stated, and therefore may not be reproduced without prior consent. This applies both to the own texts, photos, comments and photos oor cardreadings and other posts. PS. Please also read  the disclaimer and the privacy policy of Angel Inspiration for complete information. 

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