About me

Hi, I’m Anousjka. Since my graduation in social work I have worked in several positions for the (semi) government for over the last 20 years. Several years ago I realised that, although my work was and is appreciated, I felt that I did things because I could, but not because I wanted to. I simply missed a sense of accomplishment in my life!

In recent years, my spirituality has become an essential part of my life, where I previously have shoved it aside. I’ve learned to use my spirituality knowingly and to stand in life with more strength and energy with love as the source. I would like to offer you a personal experience and therefore I let the Angels inspire me. That is also the reason I started with Angel Inspiration.

Competences that are also part of my personal life purpose; coaching, teaching, (motivational) speaking and creativity. I have gained a lot of experience over the years as a coach and developed and teached several training modules. I also have experience as a speaker. Creativity is simply in my core, as I use it for everything I do. My starting point is that everyone possesses the inner strength to give his/her life a desired direction, hence the term ‘use your inner power’. However, many people don’t realize this (yet) and/or don’t know how to reach their inner strength. That’s what I would like to help you with.

I use a mix of regular coachingsmethodes exploiting my spirituality from the positivity and power of the energy of the Angels. Angels do not belong to a specific religion and are there for anyone, anywhere and will help you gladly. I sometimes make use of gemstones and crystals, which can provide additional energetic support to the energy of the Angels.

I see myself as down to earth and absolutely not woolly. I respect everyone’s faith and I adjust my approach to those in front of me; you need to feel comfortable with my approach. My spirituality enables me to get to the core better and faster, as well as to give a more personal and targeted approach. I am therefore focused on short-term support in the here and now, where you learn to (better) make use of your inner power to redirect your life to your own wishes.

To better serve you, I have followed and completed various courses, such as:

Certified Angel Card Reader ™
(Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine)

Indigo Card Reader 
(Charles Virtue)

Archangel Life Coach
(Charles Virtue)

Advanced Angel Certified Practitioner
(Charles Virtue)

Animal Communication
(Karina de Jong)

My offer is varied, so you can choose which method works best for you.
View my website at your leisure. If you have any questions you can always send me an e-mail: info@angelinspiration.nl